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Restaurant Cleaning

New to Gadel? Wondering who to trust with your cleaning needs? Gadel Janitorial Inc. can help you kick off your local campaign with a bang. Gadel understands the responsibility needed for effective Calgary restaurants janitorial services & sanitation. However, to ensure proper functioning our Calgary restaurants janitorial services  are monitored, validated and adjusted frequently. 

Some businesses have good programs such as; HACCP, SOP, GMP, and SQF pre-requisite programs that monitor their sanitation and pest control. Our Calgary restaurants janitorial services is compatible with these programs. Learn more about HACCP on the drop down.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Cont

  • Scrub Kitchen floor 
  • Disinfect all surfaces
  • Clean oven 
  • Scrub stove burners
  • Remove stove racks/clean
  • Vacuum water off floor
  • Scrape/clean grease trap
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms
  • Replaced hand wash supplies
  • Replaced hand soap
  • Replaced paper towels 
  • Replaced equipment's sanitizer
  • Replaced sanitizer test strips 
  • Create cleaning schedules 
  • Clean Ventilation system
  • Clean Light fixtures
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces

  • Sweep walk-in refrigerator

  • Put all cleaning rags in dirty laundry

  • Brush the grill & burners

  • Empty sanitizing buckets

  • Update your material data sheets,

  • Empty steam table and clean
  • which outline how to safely use any

  • chemicals in your restaurant

  • Wipe down the line and prep areas

  • Empty trash bins

  • Replaced watertight garbage bags

  • Change sanitized water/cleaning rags

  • Clean doors and windows 
  • Shut doors to prevent entry of pests
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