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Gadel Janitorial Inc.

Commercial janitorial services, Calgary

Gadel commercial office cleaning is a process that keeps your offices freshens and revitalized. Our level of Calgary commercial Janitorial services is appropriate for its intended use. Our Commercial Janitorial Services Calgary solutions remove the number of microorganisms on surfaces. We use the Highest Quality commercial Janitorial Disinfectant capable of killing bacteria and bacterial spores. Gadel selection of Calgary commercial Janitorial services cleaning products is Color coded to improve the quality of our Calgary commercial janitorial services and safety. Our color coded commercial Janitorial services Calgary approach can be read about in the article on the left. We are an a mission to provide you with the best commercial janitorial services in Calgary, because we believe it's your divine  rights to get the highest quality proven success commercial janitorial services.

        What we clean

  •  Cleaning of office areas
  • Lunchroom/kitchen  
  • Refrigerator interior/exterior,
  • Lunch table and chairs
  • Artwork dusting & cleaning 
  • Mop floor & disinfect surfaces
  • Microwave wiped inside & out
  • Disposed of all garbage
  • Replace garbage bags.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms
  • Clean and disinfect vanities
  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected
  • Cleaning countertops 
  • Clean mirrors 
  • Floor sweep & mop
  • Floor strip & waxing
  • Floor polishing
  • Clean and disinfect toilets 
  • Refill toilet paper and soap 
  • Area rugs clean as needed
  • Weekly dry vacuuming
  • Once monthly carpet shampoo
  • Monthly Carpet extraction (1)
  • Clean doors
  • Clean front entrance and glass
  • Dust computers
  • Dust lighting and switches
  • Dust keyboards & equipment
  • Clean chairs, ceiling & desk 
  • Clean filing cabinet/furniture‚Äôs 
  • Clean windows interior/ext  
  • Disinfect telephones 
  • Refill air freshener 
  • Replaced hand sanitizer  
  •  Refill dispensers
  • Stairway & elevator cleaning
  • Wiping of cabinets
  • Replaced hand napkin
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